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KASHO shears are custom ordered.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

The shears in the Millennium series are the #1 choice for some of the world’s top stylists. And it’s no wonder. Like the stylists who use them, these shears are the best.

Let’s start with the heart of the shears: the metal they’re made of. In this case, the metal is “Super Gold 2” or SG2. This is a top-of-the-line stainless steel made in a process called powder metallurgy. In short, the ingredients of the steel alloy are “atomized,” then turned into steel under enormous heat and pressure. This makes the steel very high quality—and the products made from it amazingly durable. This ultra-premium steel means Millennium shears can take an exquisitely sharp edge and hold it longer, too.

Millennium shears are equipped with KASHO’s patented Disc Operation System for the smoothest operation of any shear you’ve ever used. For the ultimate in precision and performance, choose Millennium. Because you deserve to cut with the very best.

Designed for right-handed use.

  • Offset: 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5”
  • Straight: 5.3”, 6.2”
  • Offset, Diamond-Like Carbon Coating: 6.0”, 6.5”
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