Ninfas™ Removal Solution

Ninfas™ Removal Solution


Ninfas™ Removal Solution

6.7 oz

Ninfas Removal Spray is specifically formulated to work with Ninfas hair extensions. It preserves the quality of the hair and ensures that it can be reused. The spray breaks the bond of the adhesive strip and allows the extensions to be easily removed.

Inspiring Natural Beauty

NINFAS™ Tape-In Hair Extensions are the industry’s most versatile and seamless hair extension product. They consist of a durable self-adhesive strip attached to the highest quality 100% Remy human hair, drawn from the best sources around the world.

When properly applied by a NINFAS-certified extensions professional, the extensions will conform to the shape of the client’s head. This results in the most natural looking and moving hair, allowing you to part it or wear it up freely.

NINFAS™ Tape-In Hair Extensions are easy to apply, require no special tools, and can be reused up to three times. And, remaining true to our philosophy of enhancing natural beauty, we offer 35 extension colors to ensure a perfect match so there’s no need to dye your hair.