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do. Intro #1 / Kick Start

do. Intro #1 / Kick Start

do. Haircare

do. Intro #1 / Kick Start

Receive 20% off with your first purchase of ONE of each product.

do. Intro #1 / Kick Start Includes:

 Product Salon Cost Suggested Retail
3-in-1 Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo 8oz. $10.49 $20.98
Speed Play Quick Lift Shampoo 8oz. $10.49 $20.98
Y.O.G.A. Sulfate Free Shampoo 8oz. $13.49 $26.98
Y.O.G.A. Daily Conditioner 8oz. $13.49 $26.98
Breakaway Moisturizing Conditioner 8oz. $11.49 $22.98
Endurance Intense Conditioner 8oz. $14.49 $28.98
Softball Dimension Volume Foam 7oz. $12.49 $24.98
Dry Run Dry Shampoo 5.5oz. $13.49 $26.98
Finish Line Shaping Spray 10oz. $14.99 $29.98
Super Set Firm Hold Shaping Spray 10oz. $14.99 $29.98
Bodybuilding Gel Styling Mousse 7oz. $14.99 $29.98
Core Impact Leave-In Protectant 8oz. $13.99 $27.98
Cool Down Smoothing Serum 2oz. $13.49 $26.98
Topspin Molding Putty 4oz. $13.49 $26.98
Y.O.G.A. Sulfate Free Shampoo 32oz. $35.99 $71.98
Y.O.G.A. Daily Conditioner 32oz. $35.99 $71.98

About do.

Created by professional hair stylists and tested with certified fitness trainers, do. Active Hair Products is the first brand to deliver hair care products specifically formulated to remove salt without stripping the hair of its natural pH balance.

The do. lifestyle is all about health, wellness, beauty and confidence derived from balance. We hope you’ll make do. a part of your life.

High Impact Products

Made in the U.S.A, do. active hair and makeup products are only sold through licensed professional cosmetologists, salons and select fitness facilities.