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Innoluxe Platinum Bundle / 500ml

Innoluxe Platinum Bundle / 500ml

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Purchase the new Innoluxe Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner together and save!

Innoluxe Platinum Shampoo

500 ml

Luxurious deep purple shampoo - neutralizes yellow pigments in the hair, leaving a cool tone while nourishing and adding a boost of shine.

  • Ideal for grey, super-lightened or de-colored hair. Its violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow, light blonde or streaked hair.
  • For blondes that constantly strive for whiter, brighter color. Use this shampoo every other wash to keep your perfect blonde tone. With vitamin B5, oils rich in vitamin E Platinum shampoo adds moisture, hydration and shine.
  • Protects against environmental pollution, leaves the hair hydrated and replenished.
  • Gives hair shine, softness and vitality with its formula containing.

How to Use:

Apply to damp hair and massage into a lather. For greater toning, leave for 3–5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. If the desired color effect is achieved, alternate with a suitable color safe shampoo to avoid over-pigmenting.

Innoluxe Platinum Conditioner

500 ml

Lightweight violet conditioner - nourishes, strengthens, moisturizes and adds shine while softly neutralizing yellow pigments in the hair, leaving a cooler tone.

  • For cooler blonde tones, prevents natural or colored blonde hair from yellowing.
  • Is a color enhancing conditioner that works to achieve a clean blonde tone on color treated blonde to light blonde hair. A nourishing color treatment, the innovative formula maintains and extends the color life of color treated hair.
  • Also working to remove frizz while providing salon perfect shine and texture, this conditioner gives results in just 3 minutes. It softens, nourishes and detangles without weighing the hair down, while providing a gorgeous color.
  • Rich conditioner refreshes and maintains ash and cooler blonde tones, leaving hair intensely conditioned and with a soft touch. With color-depositing pigment.
  • Use every wash to boost the color, or leave on for up to five minutes for stronger color enhancement.

How to Use:

Apply to pre-shampooed hair and comb through. For greater toning and extra conditioning, leave for 3–5 minutes, before rinsing.

About INNOluxe

Welcome to the next generation of hair repair.

Revolutionize every color with INNOluxe V2. V2 is INNOluxe’s next generation repairing treatment developed to achieve levels of rebuilding never been seen before. This highly innovative, incredibly powerful system utilizes the latest protein technology to transform the way hair is bleached and colored. INNOluxe creates the freedom to achieve so much more while leaving hair noticeably healthier and significantly stronger. This opens up amazing creative options for hairdressers to give their clients their greatest ever hair!

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