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Kwickway Balyage Strips / 5" x 10" / Silver

Kwickway Balyage Strips / 5" x 10" / Silver

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5" x 10" / Silver / 150 Count


  • 25% lighter then foil
  • Encapsulates 95% of ammonia and peroxide fumes in the salon atmosphere
  • Reaches desired temperatures quicker then any other product on the market
  • Faster processing times
  • More consistent colour hi-lighting application
  • Non slip on hair after application


Kwickway strips can be pre-cut based on length of hair.

Step 1

Kwickway Process Step 1

Place strips underneath section to be colored (close to hair root).

Step 2

Kwickway Process Step 2

Apply color bleach evenly and lightly to avoid bleeding.

Step 3

Kwickway Process Step 3

Fold or overlap with second strip, apply light pressure.

Step 4

Kwickway Process Step 4

Checking results: Peel back a corner; strip will re-seal upon closing.


General Product Information

Kwickway is committed to the professional hair stylist, in providing innovative technology. Our products are exclusive to the hair industry allowing hairstylists to explore their creativity while providing a client the most luxurious colour services.

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