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Liquid Science

Liquid Science Clay Therapy

Liquid Science Clay Therapy

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Available in 1.0 oz. & 12.0 oz. 

Liquid Science Clay Therapy treats the scalp and hair. Clay Therapy removes buildup on the scalp, increases circulation, stimulates and strengthens the root.

On the hair, the treatment penetrates deep within the cortex of the hair to fortify weak spots, increase elasticity, smooths hair and adds shine.


Unlock the full benefits of Clay Therapy with the use of heat. Explore how this treatment works using heat from a hood dryer, steamer, micro mister or with infrared heat from a rollerball.

  1. Use very warm water over the hair and scalp. Squeeze excess water out of the hair.
  2. Apply Clay Therapy throughout the hair and on scalp.
  3. Apply heat for 10 minutes and let cool.
  4. On fine texture hair, rinse and do a light shampoo. On coarse texture hair, rinse thoroughly.
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