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KASHO shears are custom ordered.  Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Choose Green Sasa for the most successful slide cuts. Why? The secret is Green Sasa’s “bamboo leaf-shaped” blades. They’re slightly wider, with a more rounded profile—just like a bamboo leaf. The rounded shape and slightly heavier weight make them ideal for slide cuts or dry cutting. Simply use the weight of the hair shear itself to slide through your cut. It’s faster, easier, and—with Green Sasa’s super-sharp convex/hollow-ground blades, each cut is precise, so each hairstyle is everything you intended it to be. Green Sasa’s semi-offset handles provide a comfortable cut, striking a perfect balance between the two most popular handle styles.

The Green Sasa is available in the most popular length of hair scissors in the US: 6 inches. That size is popular for good reason, it may be the most versatile length of all and can be used with almost any type of hair cutting technique.

Designed for right-handed use.

  • Offset: 6.0”
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