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Trissola TRUE+ Keratin Solution

Trissola TRUE+ Keratin Solution

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Trissola TRUE+ Keratin Solution (Step 2)

16.7 oz

Trissola Keratin Solution eliminates frizz and unwanted curls helping add control and incredible shine.

Directions for use:

After cleansing the hair with Step 1 Prep Shampoo, blow dry the hair to about 70%. Separate the hair into 6 panels following the step-by-step guide, and begin applying the Step 2 Keratin Solution to the bottom section around the nape area. Start drying 2 panels at a time using cold air and repeat this process on the remaining panels. Re-section the hair into workable panels, and flat iron thin section 6-10 times each from base to mid shaft, then 3-6 passes from mid shaft to ends. After flat ironing, rinse thoroughly and proceed to setp 3, the pH Balancing Mask.
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